What I've Read | August Edition

What I Read During August 

What I Read In August Kaleidoscope Peonies

 August was an exciting month for reading. This was mainly due to the NEW HARRY POTTER BOOK OMG. I'm also going to include what I listened to in August as I'm constantly listening to Audible, as well as reading physical books. I'm also including a book I didn't completely finish, cause that's allowed right? Kinda? Anyway without further ado, here's what I read and listened to in the sunny month of August. P.s a note on August: I did enjoy August but it was soooo busy. I didn't have as much free time as I would have liked as I was so busy at work so don't really feel like I've had a summer, sad times. But these books helped me escape that grim reality. First up...

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child by Jack Thorne 

I was so excited when I finally got my hands on this book. But also a tiny bit skeptical and unwilling to potentially maybe tarnish the HP world. Firstly, it is a play. I liked that the form was different to the original HP series. It made it feel like a separate entity that wasn't completely connected to the series. It was strange to begin with, but I did come to really enjoy the play format. The Cursed Child was also a lot more than I was expecting in terms of plot. I thought it would be a side plot that didn't touch the original plot of Harry Potter. However it was completely interwoven with the original story, which I liked. It was clever, when it could have been a bit of a cop out. I did find the grown up portrayal of the characters odd, and think it would be easier to interpret them watching the play, as you can get a better idea of who the character is- it was hard to relate to them as adults, and hard to see how they had changed. I would love love love to see it as a play, as I think it would be amazing, and I enjoyed revisiting the characters in a completely different way.

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Kaleidoscope Peonies

We Were Liars By E. Lockhart 

I was expecting this to be a light read, but it was actually a little unnerving. The prose was very poetic, and often followed a stream of consciousness structure. This made it hard to fully grasp the plot or the characters. They weren't rounded, they were jagged, broken and just out of reach. A big twist at the end of the narrative shifts everything into a starkly different perspective, and makes you question the different layers of reality within the book. The story was also interwoven with little fairy tales, which added to the somewhat unsettling tone. It's definitely quite a mysterious and eerie little book, almost with Gothic roots. It sort of reminded me of The Turn Of The Screw, but way less creepy. I would recommend it if you like poetic books and a good twist.

We Were Liars Kaleidoscope Peonies

Oryx & Crake By Margaret Atwood

This is the one that I haven't quite finished! Uh oh. The book is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where science and technology has prevailed over humanity. We follow the protagonist, Snowman, who is seemingly the last 'true' human in a world of manufactured life. I love the tone and style of the writing, and the story so far is fascinating. I'll report back on this one, I'll probably do an update on Instagram, so make sure you're following over there. I've been absolutely loving my bookstagram, which I recently started. They're my favourite ever accounts so I've loved experimenting and attempting my own. Definitely check it out if you enjoy them too, I'd love to know your feedback :)

Oryx & Crake Kaleidoscope Peonies

What I Listened To In August

  • Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1

I constantly listen to the HP series on Audible, my most beloved app. I recently downloaded this little number and have been just as obsessed. I love listening mainly to fall asleep to, and if I'm getting ready or cooking. I also like the HP series as I already know what happens, so it's not so much concentration, more just comforting and I love the story. If you have trouble sleeping I sooo recommend giving this a go.

What did you read in August? Or what's on your #TBR for September? I would LOVE to know below. 

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