Favourite Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Matte Love | Rouge Edition Velvet 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick Kaleidoscope peonies

I've never been that into lip products. I don't normally wear anything in the daytime except lip balm and if I'm going out I'll always wear a berry toned lipstick- my fave is Topshop Wicked. However, I've been wearing these little numbers every day since I got them, and absolutely loving them.

They are the Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks from Bourjois.  Here's why I love them.

1 They're matte. I like the look of matte lip products so much better, especially in the day time. They're a really subtle matte which isn't harsh or too bold- it's still pretty and glossy.

2 The formula. It's mosturising and never feels drying. You also can't tell it's there so it's an easy one just to put on and forget about. 

3 They have staying power. They withstand eating and drinking and when they do fade it's in a pretty subtle way. You don't need to constantly top up or worry about it.

4 The shade range is really pretty too- which covers nudes, neutrals and reds.

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition Lipsticks  Kaleidoscope peonies

I've got 17 Cool Brown (left <3) and 10 Don't Pink Of It! (right <3). 
I got Don't Pink Of It! first, it's the perfect neutral 'your lips but better' shade. I then ventured out and got Cool Brown, which is more of a nude shade, but still really subtle and pretty. I'm excited to grow my collection and definitely recommend them if you're looking for a new matte lipstick.

What are your favourite matte lip products? Have you tried these ones yet? 

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