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As I've gotten older I've definitely realised how much I value alone time. More than just value it, but actually need it to feel happy. If I feel like I haven't had enough time to myself I start to feel swamped and stressed. I need it to recharge. This makes one aspect of my personality introverted. When I feel like I need some space or 'me time', these are my favourite things to do, and they never fail to make me feel like myself again.

1 Read a book.
I take myself away to one of my favourite reading spots & bury myself in a book. My two favourite places are Barter Books, and my garden. It's so nice to lose yourself in a little fictional world.

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2 Drink Tea.
Tea always makes me feel better. Peppermint Tea & Twinings English Breakfast Tea restore all well-being.

3 Netflix.
Obvs. At the moment I'm watching OINB, PLL & Stranger Things. Also a good Disney film helps too. Or my top 5 films that always cheer me up.

4 Adult Colouring Book.
One of my first ever posts was about my fave colouring book, Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford. I used to do them a lot in uni when I was doing my dissertation, they're great for unwinding and being a bit creative without too much effort.

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5 Listen to a podcast.
I never used to be interested in podcasts, but recently I've started listening to two: My Dad Wrote A Porno (hilarious) and Serial (so interesting). I'm a fan. If you have any suggestions please let me know below!

6 Go for a walk.
One great thing about living in the countryside is the peace and quiet. It's so nice to go outside and not see anyone. I wrote about why I'm so thankful to live in the countryside in a guest post for WritingRambling.

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7 Go for a run.
I've been really bad with my running recently, but I go through phrases of loving it. I love working my stamina and fitness up & seeing improvement.

8 Do yoga.
Again I did this a lot in uni to help me de-stress. It always makes me feel better. I love Madeline Shaw's tutorials.

9 My dog.
My bezzie & helps in all situations.

10 Family.
I love them, they are cuties one and all, and they make me happy.

11 TLC.
Do my eyebrows, a face mask or my nails & I'm a happy gal.

12 Have a bath.
 Lush bath bomb, candles & Friends equals happiness. These are some of my favourite bath bombs.

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13 Tidy/ Organise/ Make lists.
It makes me feel so much better when I'm organised and everything around me is tidy and in place. I love the feeling of being on top of things.

14 Listen to an audio book.
My fave app on my phone is undoubedly Audible. I listen to audio books every night before bed & if I need some time to unwind I'll listen to it throughout the day. Also when I'm getting ready. I talk about my love for audible in a whole post, if you've never come across it.

15 Cook.
I love cooking for myself. Even if it's just simple things like poached egg & smoked salmon on toast- one of my fave lunches ever.

16 Treats.
Dairy Milk Marvelous Creations. Life. Insert prayer emoji.

17 Sit in my garden.
It's one of my favourite places and is such a little peaceful haven.

18 Blog.
I love being creative and making things. I love watching it grow and change. I love interacting with other bloggers. I love being proud of something I've made.

19 Youtube. 
It's nice to escape your own life for a few minutes and watch someone elses.

20 Bed.
Literally just being a molerat makes me happy sometimes.

What do you do when you need 'me time'?

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