The Body Shop All-In-One Creams | Review

All-In-One Insta Blur & BB Cream

The Body Shop All In One Creams Kaleidoscope Peonies

I'd been wanting to try these for a while, and recently I've been going through a CC/BB cream phase so I thought I'd pick them up. They were also on offer- usually the Insta Blur is £12 and the BB Cream £14, but if you bought them together in-store you could get them both for £20.

The only Body Shop makeup I'd tried in the past was a lipstick which is still one of my faves. I'm obsessed with their skincare so had a feeling I would get on with their makeup ranges too. Here's what I thought of them.

Insta Blur

The Body Shop All In One Creams Kaleidoscope Peonies Insta Blur

The first thing you notice with this is the consistency. It is weird. It's like the most man-made consistency I could ever imagine. It's not really a creamy or watery texture, it's more like a solid which I found so strange. Once you get past the texture, and stop dropping the product (which I kept doing) it is nice apply. It blends in easily and creates a really smooth surface for the BB Cream. I also use this under my Bare Minerals Serum Foundation which helps to keep it in place a lot longer.

BB Cream

The Body Shop All In One Creams BB Cream Kaleidoscope Peonies

So this product comes out the tube white and is supposed to turn into your skin colour when you blend it. I'm not sure. It definitely turns pigmented when you start blending it, but it isn't a strong colour at all. When I first applied it it was a VERY light coverage and I was a bit underwhelmed. However once I'd applied concealer (which helped with any coverage that the BB Cream was lacking) I really liked the effect. It's one of the most glowy bases I've ever used- in a really nice way. It brightens your skin and makes it look really healthy. It also lasts a long time and doesn't end up looking greasy at the end of the day. I use shade 01 but there's a quite a good range with 5 shades to chose from.

I definitely recommend giving these a go if you're looking for a light coverage glowy base. They're also really easy to use, as there is hardly any blending involved. I think the Insta Blur is great by itself if you're on the lookout for a new primer, but the BB Cream is abit too light coverage for me without the primer, so I don't think I would use it on it's own. 

What are your thoughts on The Body Shop makeup? Have you tried anything?

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