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Me Before You | JoJo Moyes 

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I included Me Before You in my Reading Wish List last month and have finallllly finished it (it is surprisingly hefty). I wanted to read the book after watching the film. For some reason I wasn't that interested in reading it before then, it just wasn't really on my radar. After seeing the film that changed.

 If you'd like to see my initial thoughts on the film, have a mosey here. But for the record, I loved it, and it made me all of the sad.

The book definitely lived up to the expectations that the film had set for me. It also made me appreciate how well the film was cast, and how it was done. It stayed really true to the book, only missing out a few details which made the film more coherent to watch.

I absolutely love the main character, Lou. I find her so relateable and also love the journey she takes in the novel. She grows into herself and realises that there is more to the world she's been living in all of her life. There is a lot of reference to 'broadening her horizons' and I think that it's an important topic to touch upon. I think this first happened for me when I went to University, and more dramatically when I went travelling. Both experiences have shaped me so much, because I was exposed to places, people and things that were so different to things at home. They helped me to grow, and that's what Lou goes through in the book.

 It is also a love story. But it's not a conventional love story, and it's not an obvious or overt one. It's subtle, real and honest- something else I love about the book.

One of the main differences between the book and the film was the portrayal of Lou's home life. In the film her family is portrayed as perfect and supportive, which is at odds with the books' picture of her family. In the book her family is slightly pressuring, belittling of her, and somewhat stifling. It was interesting to see which parts of the book they exaggerated or glossed over in the film. Another aspect was the appearance of the main characters. In the film Lou & Will are played by Emilia Clark (AKA Kaleesi) and Sam Claflin. Again these portrayals are at odds with the descriptions in the book. I would say that the book is a lot more relateable, both the characters and the life that Lou leads. The character of Neville, I mean Patrick... Lou's boyfriend, is pretty spot on in both though. Good old Neville.

The book has all the ingredients of a great easy heart warming read. It's funny, cute and definitely gets the tears flowing- even though I knew the entire story line!

I would recommend both the film and the book, both are great.

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