The Body Shop All-In-One Creams | Review

All-In-One Insta Blur & BB Cream

The Body Shop All In One Creams Kaleidoscope Peonies

I'd been wanting to try these for a while, and recently I've been going through a CC/BB cream phase so I thought I'd pick them up. They were also on offer- usually the Insta Blur is £12 and the BB Cream £14, but if you bought them together in-store you could get them both for £20.

The only Body Shop makeup I'd tried in the past was a lipstick which is still one of my faves. I'm obsessed with their skincare so had a feeling I would get on with their makeup ranges too. Here's what I thought of them.

Me Before You: Film & Book Review

Me Before You | JoJo Moyes 

Me Before You JoJo Moyes Kaleidoscope Peonies

I included Me Before You in my Reading Wish List last month and have finallllly finished it (it is surprisingly hefty). I wanted to read the book after watching the film. For some reason I wasn't that interested in reading it before then, it just wasn't really on my radar. After seeing the film that changed.

5 Feel Good Films

5 Films That Will Cheer You Up

 Sometimes when I'm looking for a film to watch I only want one that is going to cheer me up, have a happy ending, or just generally make me happy. These 5 films all do that for me- they make me happy in some way and never fail to cheer me up. 

The Body Shop: Haul & Review

What I Got From: The Body Shop 

The Body Shop has always been one of my favourite brands for skincare, so much so most of my Skincare Essentials post featured products from The Body Shop. I noticed that I had a very depleted stock and was missing a few of my faves, so decided to go in and get a few things. Some of the things I got are old favourites, and some are completely new to me. Here's what I picked up.

My Favourite 30 Virginia Woolf Quotes

My Favourite Virginia Woolf Quotes

Virginia Woolf Kaleidoscope Peonies

Virginia Woolf 

I first read Virginia Woolf in University. I came across her in a Modernism module and became engrossed with her beautiful, clever and poetic prose. Her novel's aren't the easiest or the quickest reads, but there is so much in them. She see's into the heart and essence of human nature and describes it in such an astonishingly beautiful way. Her writing mesmerizes me, which is why she is my favourite author. Below are 30 quotes scattered throughout her writing, that I love.

A Guide To: Pretty Prague

A Guide To: Pretty Prague

A Guide To Prague: What To Do In Prague  Kaleidoscope Peonies

Being a very lucky gal, I was surprised with a birthday trip to Prague from my boyfriend (thaaanks Jamie). I didn't know too much about Prague, but it turned out to be one of prettiest places I've ever visited. The culture is so interesting & singular compared to other places in Europe I've been to. 

Here's a little guide of what we got up to, and my favourite parts of our Prague trip.

Bargain Hunt | Haul

Bargain Haul

This post was inspired by the lovely Abbey Louisa Rose, who wrote a great post about bargain buys, ft the most gorgeous Zara dress- check that post out here and give her blog a follow- it's a goodun.

This post is also a special one as today I hit 100 Bloglovin' followers- yay! This has made my day, so thank you so much to you reading this! If you would like to join the little family you can head over here & make my day a little bit more. Thanks so much for your support :) 

So, to the haul! I got all these items a week or so ago in Durham during a mad spontaneous trip to pick up my boyfriends passport, intense but successful times (woo). While I was there I had a little mosey around the sales & found a great little collection of bargain buys.

Here's what I picked up...