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Love Lush Cosmetics Review Wish List

I haven't had the chance to go to Lush in FOREVER. And I am getting serious withdrawal symptoms. 

Here are a few things I am craving- both favourites and things I am eager to try.

I mean really this post is just an excuse to create a shopping list for the next time I'm in Lush and somehow justify it... 

Yoga Bomb

  •  Sandalwood Oil, Ho Wood Oil

I've tried this bath bomb once before and remember really liking it. Also I really miss yoga and need to make more time for it, so that too. +Reminder

Twilight Bomb 

  • Lavender Oil, Tonka Absolute, Ylang Ylang Oil

This is my absolute fave & the item I've definitely bought most from Lush. I just think Lavender is such a relaxing scent and I love the navy sparkly bath water. 

Dream Time Bath Oil

  • Lavender Oil, Chamomile Blue Oil, Shea Butter

I came across this Bath Oil while browsing the Lush website & have never seen it in store. Honestly initially I was drawn to the name (Dream Time) & the cute design. And then the ingredients sealed the deal, Lavender love.  

Flowering Tea Bubble Bar

  • Blue Cornflowers, Rosewood Oil, Orange Flower Absolute

This. This work of genius. I have wanted to try this little Bubble Bar since it first came out. It is possibly the cutest idea ever invented. Tea & bathing is such a winning combination. And it has pretty blue flowers inside.

D'Fluff Shaving Cream

  • Fresh Strawberries, Rose Absolute, Rose Hip Oil, Cocoa Butter

I received this shaving cream in a Christmas Gift Box & really really liked it. It's the best shaving cream I've ever used: it's soft & silky and smells so nice. I'm definitely on the look out to re-purchase.

Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask

  • Honey, Lavender Oil, Fullers Earth

A few of my friends have tried this face mask & highly recommended it. I've always stayed away, not wanting to upset my sensitive skin. However while browsing I noticed the ingredients- my skin loves honey and I love lavender (did I mention that??) so I'm kean to try this out. 

What's on your Lush Wish List? 

+All product pictures sourced from Lush