Chelsea Flower Girls | A Day at RHS Chelsea

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At the end of last week I traveled up to Chelsea to see the Chelsea flower show with a cute mother-daughter girl gang. I had never been to the show before and had no idea what my day would hold...

RHS Chelsea Flower Show Roses

I'll be honest, I wasn't too sure what to expect. My first image was that we would be visiting 19,500 gardens, which was definitely daunting and a little intimidating- but thankfully I couldn't have been more wrong! 

We got a very early start and were at the ground gates 30 minutes before opening (our mum's being kean bean gardeners). We got into the grounds of the Royal Chelsea Hospital, where the show is held, at 8am.

What we saw

 First of all we had a mosey around the Show Gardens- these spaces are designed by well-known gardeners.

My two favourites were

  • The Harrods British Eccentric Garden- this garden was most popular among spectators as every 15 minutes the garden did a 'performance' and different parts of it moved: it was like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: the Garden Edition (check it out here to see what it looked like). 
  • I also loved the garden that won the 'People's Choice' Award. It was called A Garden For Yorkshire. This garden was inspired by the Cathedral in York and it's stunning Cathedral windows which were incorporated into it's design. 

We then visited the Flower Arranging tent, where amazing compositions like this one were displayed.

Flower arrangement from Chelsea Flower show

Next we explored the Great Pavillion, which was filled with so many gorgeous flowers & lot's of different varieties of flowers which were so so beautiful-

Pretty succulents and cactus from Chelsea flower show

Gorgeous peonies Chelsea flower show

Living rose wall chelsea flower show

Colourful flowers chelsea flower show

There were lots of pretty garden stalls around the show ground, these stalls were home to the most gorgeous garden furniture and all things pretty. I basically wanted every garden set up. Cathryn & I loved the one below (and got a seat yay).

Garden chelsea flower show

Next were the Artisan gardens, which were maybe my favourite gardens. They were really imaginative, creative gardens with a twist of some sort. Below is a bedroom made from flowers.

Creative artisan garden at Chelsea flower show

 Why I loved the day and would recommend going

  • It had such a lovely, relaxed and creative atmosphere
  • You were surrounded and inspired by beautiful things everywhere you looked
  • It was a completely different and new experience

 Before I went to Chelsea flower show I thought that you needed to be really involved in, or know a lot about flowers in order to enjoy it, or get something out of it- but I discovered that that was so wrong. 

The day proved to be one of the best days this year, not only because of the company (mum-daughter days are the best ones), but also because of the beautiful art showcased in the gardens, flower arrangements and just everywhere you turned.

Selfie with living rose wall at Chelsea flower show

Where we ate & drank (Gin) during our trip

The Sky Garden in particular was amazing and definitely worth a visit.

Sky Garden, view of London
View of London

Sky Garden, view of London
Inside the Sky Garden

Want to see what I picked up while I was in London? Check out my mini stationary & beauty haul, ft Sephora, Charlotte Tilbury, KikkiK & lots more!

Roses Chelsea flower show

What are your thoughts on the Chelsea flower show? Have you been or would you go?