22 Things I Learnt From Traveling

 What I Learnt from Traveling | SE Asia & Australia

22 Things I learnt from traveling

Traveling was undoubtedly one the best things I've done in my life. I'm so thankful that I got the opportunity to explore other countries, cultures, and learn some surprising things about myself. I learnt so much from travelling, and as I'm feeling 22 (love you Tay), here are 22 things I learnt on my travels-

  1. I love meeting new people
  2. I'm a lot stronger and resilient than I thought I was 
  3. I get so much out of going to art galleries and museums in other countries, it's such a good way to explore their culture; both past and contemporary 
  4. I'm a very chatty person
  5. I'm a pretty confident person
  6. I'm a positive person 
  7. There is so much more out there, so much happening elsewhere
  8. My immune system did me quite proud (except this one time in Cambodia...)
  9. I can really do anything if I'm pushed too/ in a hard situation
  10. I'm abit addicted to iced tea, but only in SE Asia
  11. My hair grows a lot in the sun
  12. Keeping a travel journal was one of the best things I've done
  13. It's easy to be happy if you want to be 
  14. There's no point in worrying about negative things too much
  15. Laugh and smile as much as you can, it's such a nice thing to do
  16. I love and value my family a lot
  17. I learnt who I turn to in hard situations, and it surprised me 
  18. I can be a very independent person 
  19. I have changed so much in the last few years
  20. It's so good and exhilarating to push yourself 
  21. I learnt that people go traveling for different reasons 
  22. Portable chargers are a god send as are luggage packing bags 

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