One Line A Day: Five Year Memory Book

Five Year Memory Book | Daily Journal


I recently got this very pretty little book. 

Other than looking extremely cute, it serves another purpose: It allows you to track and compare what you've done on a certain day for five consecutive years.

It's such a gorgeous way to record and track your memories, growth and progression. I love the idea of having something that I've added too, every day for 5 years. A little piece of me from each day within the pages of this little book (horcrux style).

Inside the layout is very simple and clean

 Not only that, it's a little book full of  all your memories.
I love that you can compare your days year by year. And I love that it only allows space for a few lines, but those words evoke the memory of each day, because it encapsulates how you were feeling, and broadly captures what you did that day.  

The thought of continuously inputting for 5 years is definitely daunting, but I'm already so excited at the prospect of what I could get out of it. I look at it as a sort-of diary, but without the commitment or the guilt when you don't write much/ if you're rushed & don't have the time to go into detail.

142 days down, 1683 to go!

I got mine from Waterstones. Sidenote: I love Waterstones.