Listening to Literature: Audible

Listen to Literature | My obsession with Audible 

I have become addicted to audio books: Audible is probably my favourite app on my phone, after Instagram obvs. It is such a convenient way to read a book, with all the effort taken away, you even get to choose your narrator (Stephen Fry wherever possible).

The app is also so straightforward to use- you just download you're favourite titles through your Amazon account and listen wherever and whenever. Easy.

One of the best features for me is the sleep timer. It gives the option of playing for 8, 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes, or till the end of chapter, until it stops playing automatically. This means it's great for bed time as you don't have to actively switch it off.  You also don't need to worry about not remembering anything when you next go to listen because you fell asleep. I use this feature every night and it's great for maintaining a good sleeping routine.

Sleep timer feature on Audible

I also turn to Audible when I'm faced with a long journey. If you get travel sick, it gives you the option of reading a book, without actually physically reading. It's also a good alternative to music. For these reasons and lots more, it is probably one of the most helpful apps I have, and one of my most used.

My go to series are Harry Potter, narrated by Stephen Fry and Lord of the Rings, narrated by Rob Inglis.

Harry Potter on Audible

The concept falls into the same strain as adult colouring books in a way: a comforting pastime, updated for adult life.

Check it out here- the first book is completely free so it's definitely worth a go.

 Have you tried Audible? What are your favourite audio books?