Pull & Bear Haul: Lisbon Edit

Pull & Bear Haul

Pull and Bear Lisbon Haul Kaleidoscope Peonies

When I was in Lisbon last weekend I got weirdly excited about one thing: a massive Pull & Bear shop. Sad times, I know. I first discovered Pull & Bear when I moved to Liverpool for University, and it's become one of my favourite brands. I manically ran round the shop (as bf was in tow) and picked up some great basics. I love basics. 

What I've Read | August Edition

What I Read During August 

What I Read In August Kaleidoscope Peonies

 August was an exciting month for reading. This was mainly due to the NEW HARRY POTTER BOOK OMG. I'm also going to include what I listened to in August as I'm constantly listening to Audible, as well as reading physical books. I'm also including a book I didn't completely finish, cause that's allowed right? Kinda? Anyway without further ado, here's what I read and listened to in the sunny month of August. P.s a note on August: I did enjoy August but it was soooo busy. I didn't have as much free time as I would have liked as I was so busy at work so don't really feel like I've had a summer, sad times. But these books helped me escape that grim reality. First up...

Stationary Subscription | Papergang


Papergang Stationary Subscription Ohh Deer Kaleidoscope Peonies

 Papergang is a monthly stationary subscription box from Ohh Deer- a gorgeous and quirky stationary brand. I first found out about it when the lovely Sophie from SophiesNoteBook blogged about it. Her box was so pretty and the stationary was right up my street, so I decided to give it a go. Here's what I thought of the August box.

Liverpool & Life Decisions | Applying For A Masters

Applying For A Masters 

Applying For A Masters University Of Liverpool Kaleidoscope Peonies

When I first went to university in 2012 I didn't ever have plans to come back and do a masters. Even when I graduated in 2015, I still didn't have any plans to return to uni. When my degree was over I had only one solid plan: to travel. I worked all through the summer up until Christmas and then set off on my travels in January 2016. It was during those few months that I made the decision to apply for a masters.

This decision felt different to any other. Up until this point in my life all the major decisions were (in my mind) very clearly mapped out for me. But I had hit a cross roads where I couldn't just coast along with what everyone else was doing. Travelling gave me the confidence and also the thinking space to make the the right decision for me. So I decided I wanted to go back to university to do a masters. Which left a few things to consider.

Six Months Of Memories

5 Year Memory Journal | Update 

One Line A Day Memory Journal Kaleidoscope Peonies

My memory journal has become a little routine that I do every night. I've been filling it in for 6 months now, so I thought I'd do a little update on how it's going, and why I've surprised myself by not missing a single day. Click here to go back six months, and hear my initial thoughts on this memory book malarkey. Aaaand back to the present, here are my thoughts, and why I love my memory journal.

Favourite Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Matte Love | Rouge Edition Velvet 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick Kaleidoscope peonies

I've never been that into lip products. I don't normally wear anything in the daytime except lip balm and if I'm going out I'll always wear a berry toned lipstick- my fave is Topshop Wicked. However, I've been wearing these little numbers every day since I got them, and absolutely loving them.

They are the Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks from Bourjois.  Here's why I love them.

20 Things That Make Me Happy | Me Time

'Me Time' Chat & Faves 

Me Time Chat Kaleidoscope Peonies

As I've gotten older I've definitely realised how much I value alone time. More than just value it, but actually need it to feel happy. If I feel like I haven't had enough time to myself I start to feel swamped and stressed. I need it to recharge. This makes one aspect of my personality introverted. When I feel like I need some space or 'me time', these are my favourite things to do, and they never fail to make me feel like myself again.

The Body Shop All-In-One Creams | Review

All-In-One Insta Blur & BB Cream

The Body Shop All In One Creams Kaleidoscope Peonies

I'd been wanting to try these for a while, and recently I've been going through a CC/BB cream phase so I thought I'd pick them up. They were also on offer- usually the Insta Blur is £12 and the BB Cream £14, but if you bought them together in-store you could get them both for £20.

The only Body Shop makeup I'd tried in the past was a lipstick which is still one of my faves. I'm obsessed with their skincare so had a feeling I would get on with their makeup ranges too. Here's what I thought of them.

Me Before You: Film & Book Review

Me Before You | JoJo Moyes 

Me Before You JoJo Moyes Kaleidoscope Peonies

I included Me Before You in my Reading Wish List last month and have finallllly finished it (it is surprisingly hefty). I wanted to read the book after watching the film. For some reason I wasn't that interested in reading it before then, it just wasn't really on my radar. After seeing the film that changed.

5 Feel Good Films

5 Films That Will Cheer You Up

 Sometimes when I'm looking for a film to watch I only want one that is going to cheer me up, have a happy ending, or just generally make me happy. These 5 films all do that for me- they make me happy in some way and never fail to cheer me up. 

The Body Shop: Haul & Review

What I Got From: The Body Shop 

The Body Shop has always been one of my favourite brands for skincare, so much so most of my Skincare Essentials post featured products from The Body Shop. I noticed that I had a very depleted stock and was missing a few of my faves, so decided to go in and get a few things. Some of the things I got are old favourites, and some are completely new to me. Here's what I picked up.

My Favourite 30 Virginia Woolf Quotes

My Favourite Virginia Woolf Quotes

Virginia Woolf Kaleidoscope Peonies

Virginia Woolf 

I first read Virginia Woolf in University. I came across her in a Modernism module and became engrossed with her beautiful, clever and poetic prose. Her novel's aren't the easiest or the quickest reads, but there is so much in them. She see's into the heart and essence of human nature and describes it in such an astonishingly beautiful way. Her writing mesmerizes me, which is why she is my favourite author. Below are 30 quotes scattered throughout her writing, that I love.

A Guide To: Pretty Prague

A Guide To: Pretty Prague

A Guide To Prague: What To Do In Prague  Kaleidoscope Peonies

Being a very lucky gal, I was surprised with a birthday trip to Prague from my boyfriend (thaaanks Jamie). I didn't know too much about Prague, but it turned out to be one of prettiest places I've ever visited. The culture is so interesting & singular compared to other places in Europe I've been to. 

Here's a little guide of what we got up to, and my favourite parts of our Prague trip.

Bargain Hunt | Haul

Bargain Haul

This post was inspired by the lovely Abbey Louisa Rose, who wrote a great post about bargain buys, ft the most gorgeous Zara dress- check that post out here and give her blog a follow- it's a goodun.

This post is also a special one as today I hit 100 Bloglovin' followers- yay! This has made my day, so thank you so much to you reading this! If you would like to join the little family you can head over here & make my day a little bit more. Thanks so much for your support :) 

So, to the haul! I got all these items a week or so ago in Durham during a mad spontaneous trip to pick up my boyfriends passport, intense but successful times (woo). While I was there I had a little mosey around the sales & found a great little collection of bargain buys.

Here's what I picked up...

The Rosie Effect: Review

The Rosie Effect | Book Review

The Rosie Effect- Graeme Simsion Kaleidoscope peonies book review

I'm writing this post exactly 1 month on from when I posted The Rosie Project Review, the prequel to this novel. If you'd like to see my thoughts on the first book, have a gander. 

Travel: Singapore Diaries

Travel Diary | Singapore

In the midst of my travels at the start of the year, we arrived in Singapore, already having visited Thailand, Laos & Cambodia. We arrived on the March 2nd and stayed for 5 days. Traveling to Singapore from Cambodia was a spontaneous decision- we previously hadn't even thought about visiting it- but one exciting day we made the decision and booked our tickets.

 Here's what we got up to...

#TBR | Reading Wish List

6 books on my To Be Read list-

Reading Wishlist

I've compiled a list of 6 books that I  really want to read in the near future. The titles of these books have been swimming around in my head the last few days so I'm just going to put them here...

Liebster Award | Kaleidoscope Peonies

Liebster Award | Kaleidoscope Peonies

Backpackers Checklist | 10 Essential Travel Items

Travel: What to Pack When You're Going Backpacking  

10 essential travel items

 When I went traveling at the beginning of the year I scoured the internet for inspiration of what I should pack. I never realised just how much I would depend on some of the things I look along with me. 

Here are 10 things that I was so glad I packed.

Lush Love | Wish-List

Lush | My Wish-List

Love Lush Cosmetics Review Wish List

I haven't had the chance to go to Lush in FOREVER. And I am getting serious withdrawal symptoms. 

Here are a few things I am craving- both favourites and things I am eager to try.

22 Things I Learnt From Traveling

 What I Learnt from Traveling | SE Asia & Australia

22 Things I learnt from traveling

Traveling was undoubtedly one the best things I've done in my life. I'm so thankful that I got the opportunity to explore other countries, cultures, and learn some surprising things about myself. I learnt so much from travelling, and as I'm feeling 22 (love you Tay), here are 22 things I learnt on my travels-

Chelsea Flower Girls | A Day at RHS Chelsea

 Buds, Blooms & Beauty 

At the end of last week I traveled up to Chelsea to see the Chelsea flower show with a cute mother-daughter girl gang. I had never been to the show before and had no idea what my day would hold...

RHS Chelsea Flower Show Roses

Mini Beauty & Stationary Haul | London

 Mini Beauty & Stationary Haul- London Edit

loccitane, sephora, muji, chelsea flower show, pretty, charlotte tilbury

 Whilst I was in London for the Chelsea Flower Show last week (see that post here), I picked up a few cute beauty & stationary bits. 

The Rosie Project: Review

The Rosie Project

I came across this book through a recommendation.

My first impression was that, to be completely honest, it appeared to be a very predictable novel. A quote on the front cover helped to formulate that view: ‘A novel about how you don’t find love, it finds you.’ I wasn’t sold. 
But I decided to give it a go anyway, and I’m so happy that I did.

Spring Shades Nailed

Numbered Clockwise

Spring Shades 

A Backpacker's Make-up Bag | Travel Essentials

A Backpacker's Makeup Bag

While I was travelling I quickly discovered what would work for me and what wouldn't. Let's face it, South East Asia is HUMID. Extremely humid. I needed products that were light, light, light, but improved my bedraggled appearance. A hard task- but the following products worked their wonders. Here's how...

One Line A Day: Five Year Memory Book

Five Year Memory Book | Daily Journal


I recently got this very pretty little book. 

Other than looking extremely cute, it serves another purpose: It allows you to track and compare what you've done on a certain day for five consecutive years.

Listening to Literature: Audible

Listen to Literature | My obsession with Audible 

I have become addicted to audio books: Audible is probably my favourite app on my phone, after Instagram obvs. It is such a convenient way to read a book, with all the effort taken away, you even get to choose your narrator (Stephen Fry wherever possible).

The app is also so straightforward to use- you just download you're favourite titles through your Amazon account and listen wherever and whenever. Easy.

Stories from Laos: Travel Day

Wednesday 10th Feb- Thursday 11th Feb 2016

Travelling from Vang Vieng to Don Det

We woke up, packed and headed to a bakery for breakfast. We then got some dollars out at the bank, ready for Cambodia in a few days time after our visit to Don Det (well done us for top organisation). After collecting our bags from the hostel and checking out, we headed to the travel agents to catch a mini bus to the main bus station in Vang Vieng. 

Laos: February 4th- February 13th 2016

A few snaps from my time in Laos

Don Det

Don Det

Stories from Thailand: My Favourite Day in Chiang Mai

                            Tuesday 2nd February 2016 

Visting Elephants in Chiang Mai

I woke up at 6am for a day at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. At this point we were staying in Chiang Mai, in an amazing little hostel called Chiang Mai Gate Capsule Hostel. 

We were hustled onto a drafty tuktuk/truck at about half 6, and it was freezing. We were there with two girls from Israel who were travelling as their compulsory army posts had finished. One man, who was from Canada, was there doing experience in the Chiang Mai hospital in the trauma unit. He said the majority of causalities were from road traffic accidents which was not hard to believe, the road system had no system. One guy, who was amazing at photography was also there, and a few others. We traveled along a motor way for about half an hour, and then a steep pot-holed (is an understatement) dirt track for twenty minutes until we arrived at our destination in the mountains south of Chiang Mai. 

Here we glimpsed our first view of the elephants. My first impression was how happy and alive they looked. They looked so mischievous. They did not look like captors. They were such a charismatic and charming group.

What I Read | Travel Edition

In the two and a half months I was travelling, I managed to fit in six very different, but great books:

Thailand: January 12th- February 4th 2016

One of my favourite places | Thailand 

Koh Sok National Park, Surat Thani

My Travels- Where did I go?

My Travels