Taylor Swift, Ryan Adams: 1989

Ryan Adam's cover of Taylor Swift's 1989

So so luckily, the release of Taylor Swift's album 1989, happened to coincide with my final semester, and the last stretch of my time at uni. It quickly became the soundtrack to every 8 hour day in the library, every paragraph of dissertation, and every quote or note written out from my final semester book list.  For this, and the emotional supportive work it contributed to that time, it will forever be a very loved album.

So when I saw that someone was covering the album (I had never come across Ryan Adams previously), I was intrigued... & instantly listened to every single song. 

Ryan Adam's cover of the album is amazing, so much better than anything I'd expected. It is not only such a mellow, calming interpretation, it is brilliantly done: the songs are the perfect counterparts to Taylor's album. I adore both albums; one is perfectly upbeat, the other tragically mellow. Each version changes the meaning of the lyrics through their stylistic differences and bring their own unique aura and feeling to the table.

Below are my absolute favourites from the new album-