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5 Tips To Increase Productivity | Dissertation

Completing my dissertation is one of my greatest achievements.  I completed my dissertation in my final semester of my final year at Liverpool University, and handed it in on the 19th May 2015 12.45pm. And there is not a chance that I would have been prepared for completing it at any earlier point in my life. It was the hardest challenge of my academic life, but without a doubt, the most rewarding and enjoyable. I learnt so much from the experience.

Here are 5 things I learnt:

- Keep all your notes in one place. I bought one notebook, and filled it from start to finish with every thought, idea, quote, reference that ever bore any relevance to my dissertation.

- Work in sections. I would complete a rough draft of every section or chapter, and then go over each chapter 3-4 times, re-wording, drafting, changing. It helped me to do each chapter at a time, so as to not confuse ideas, and to keep myself focused on manageable goals (AKA finish this chapter ASAP before doing anything else).

- Change your environment. Changing my writing environment whenever I could helped me so much. New places open up new inspiration, and help you to start with a clean thinking space. When the process of what you are doing becomes mundane and repetitive (sourcing quotations was my personal evil), sometimes the only thing that you can change is your environment. Except the last few days before your deadline, they must be devoted to the library, you cannot escape this grim fate.

- Relax. Not coincidentally, I took up yoga during my dissertation module. It was one of the only things that helped me to shut down at the end of the day. I found yoga through Madeline Shaw, who has a youtube channel, and have become addicted to her yoga videos ever since.

- Enjoy it. Doing a dissertation gave me freedom that I had never had before on my course. I was allowed to dedicate an entire module to my own interests and passions within literature. And because of this I loved the entire experience. I was self motivated to do it, because I wanted to find out the answers, I wanted to read the books, and I wanted to produce something entirely unique to me at the
end of it all.

Dissertation notebook. My favourite and most creative notebook ever.

Pure joy

What project are you most proud of?  Do you have any tips for productivity? Let me know below!