The Body Shop: My Favourite Face Masks

The Body Shop | Face Mask Collection

I love love love The Body Shop skincare. In general, the Seaweed and Aloe Vera range work really well with my skin, which is sensitive and combination. But when I want to use a face mask (which is one of my favourite aspects of skin care) I ALWAYS reach for one these.

Bold statement: I think this is my favourite face mask ever. It works amazingly at clearing my skin and leaving it smooth, but also leaves it really moisturised and soft- it does everything really! The texture is quite thick and lumpy (because of the oats), and it does have a slightly strange oatey smell. It doesn't dry hard like a mud mask which I like because it doesn't have that tight feeling. I usually leave it on for up to 30 mins. Simply, I love it because it never disappoints.

 This is a great cleansing mask. It gives my pores a really deep clean but is not stripping at all. Because of this, it is perfect at clearing up any break outs. It's also really nice to apply as it heats up when you rub it into your skin. I usually apply this while I'm in the shower. I leave it on for about 5 minutes and then wash it off. It has a typical thick mud mask texture, and smells clay-like- nothing too offensive. This is always a staple for me.

I've just ran out of this mask- hence the plain picture! This is a really lovely calming mask. It's great at hydrating your skin and makes it feel very soft. I usually apply a little bit of this overnight for an extra boost of hydration. It smells like all the other aloe products in the range, and it has the consistency of a thick cream. This is also great for calming down sensitive skin, and helps with break outs.

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Have you tried any of the face masks mentioned? What are your favourite face masks?