Lush Haul

Lush is one of my obsessions. I find their bath products such a relaxing treat, so whenever I can get my hands on more, I do. Here are some things I recently picked up.

I think I've tried (& loved) pretty much every bath bomb that Lush has to offer. So to mix things up a bit, I steered away from most of my sturdy favourites, (Twilight, Blackberry, Dragon's Egg) and decided to try some bath bombs (and a body butter), that were new to me. I went with Avobath, Phoenix Rising, Honeybee, Butterball (actually an old favourite), and a body butter- King of Skin.


Out of everything, I was most excited to try this. When I put it in the bath it turned the water a clear green colour with glitter running through it. I used it in the morning as it is supposed to have an uplifting scent, (lemongrass oil and bergamot oil) and it certainly did- I loved the smell. I normally go for bath bombs that have relaxing scents, so it was nice to try this uplifting, morning appropriate bath bomb. I also liked avobath because it has properties aimed towards helping dry skin (avocado and olive oil). I'll definitely be getting the avobath again. 

Phoenix Rising

I've always been averted to this bath bomb because of it's strong cinnamon smell, but I decided to give it a go. It turned the water a gorgeous deep purple and also had some glitter in it. The smell was very strongly cinnamon. It also made the water a bit oily- so maybe had some sort of body butter in it. I think this would be a great bath bomb to use around Christmas time, but for all-round use I found the scent a bit too strong. This being said, it left a gorgeous scent on the skin afterwards, which was maybe a subtler version of the bath water. I think the only time I would repurchase Phoenix Rising would be at the festive period!

Honey Bee

This was quite a subtle bath bomb- no overwhelming scents or colours, but it definitely had an overall soothing effect. It had a gorgeous honey scent and left the bath water silky. I'm not sure I would pick this over any favourites, but I'd definitely try it again.


Butterball is an old favourite for me. It's definitely one of the more understated bath bombs, but the scent is vanilla heaven. It has little chunks of body butter which dissolve into the bath making it silky smooth. It also leaves a gorgeous lingering smell on your skin. Still a sturdy favourite!

King Of Skin 

I had never heard of this concept before, but I've come to love King Of Skin. It is a solid body butter that you apply in the shower or the bath. You use it after you have cleansed, and then rinse it off. I think I got about 3-4 uses out of it. It smells lovely, really works, and leaves you feeling so moisturised without any greasiness. It's a winner really. I can't wait to get my hands on another one.