Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford

Enchanted Forest 

Johanna Basford has created a beautiful colouring book which is aimed not at children, but at adults.

  Enchanted Forest is the second of her design, following her first popular colouring book, Secret Garden. Her gorgeous forest designs are full of charm, character and detail. I used Staedtler colouring pencils in the pictures below, which worked well, but really anything will do. 

Her book is bursting with pretty designs, hidden gems and clever ideas. 

Inside cover

The ethos behind her colouring books is that they offer an escape from quotidian reality and allow you to delve into a meditative pastime. I loved the idea of being able to imprint your own ideas onto each design; to have gorgeous outlines but creative freedom. I purchased the book in my third year of university, a year that I am glad to see the back of due to the undulating stress that surrounded me. The Enchanted Forest offered a unique and pleasurable escape from these stresses; a delve back into childhood, wherein no whim or worry can touch you. I love the idea behind an adult colouring book, and the way that things that things you enjoyed as a child can seep into your adult life.

Her most recent colouring book is below: Lost Ocean. Another gorgeous addition to her ever growing collection of Adult Colouring Books.

Have you tried her Colouring Books yet? What do think of the idea?