A Few Of My Favourite Things| Bedroom Decor

A Few of my Favourite Things: 

Below are eight decor-related things that I love. Whether for sentimental value, comfort, usefulness or  prettiness- they all resonate with home for me. 

Hanging Star

 The first is this beautiful hanging star. I picked this up at a Florist Suppliers Warehouse (being with my mum, who is a florist). I love the gorgeous patterns and vibrant colours.
I hang it over my bed, I suppose like a sort of dream catcher. For many different reasons, it holds sentimental value for me, and I love how unusual it is.

Moby Dick Quote Print

I bought this print in Waterstones during my time at university in Liverpool. The quote is from the 'White' chapter in Herman Melville's Moby Dick. I love having this is my room because I love this quote, and the things I connect with it. The quote reminds me of my time at uni, as I read Moby Dick for my course. I also connect with it as I bought the poster during a hard time, and I link it with getting through that.I also just love the quote and the chapter it comes from- it explores the meaning of white, and the way in which white holds every colour, and in a way, everything. 

Flower Hanging

This is a handmade clay tile. My mum made this for me for my 21st birthday. All of the flowers in the picture were picked from where I live. I love this tile for obvious reasons, it's a piece of home and it's a piece of my mum. 

Wooden Letter

The next thing I love is this wooden letter K. I got this for Christmas and love it for very superficial reasons; I just like the way it looks. I like the wood and the font and the idea of a standing initial. Vain gal.


 The next thing is this painting of a sheephold in a village near to where I live. This was painted in 1996 by my Grandad. I adore the painting itself and the memories of my Grandad teaching me to paint when I was little. To me, this is a very special painting and I hope to always find somewhere to hang it.

Hurricane Candle

This is a hurricane candle holder and pillar candle. This was also a present for my 21st birthday, with the idea of adorning a new home I may have in the future. I think it is GORGEOUS and I can't wait to display it somewhere other than my bedroom.

Tartan Bed Throw

This is my FAVOURITE bed throw. I bought it from Primark last year and have been obsessed with it ever since. I have a strange obsession with tartan, particularly tartan scarves, which in the winter I am never without. I love it because it is so snuggly and warm and the pattern makes me happy. I think tartan decor is the way forward. 

Pretty Box 

The last thing I chose was this little box. I received this box (which used to contain lots of lovely LUSH products) at Christmas. I love LUSH, I love simple patterns, I love pretty storage- I love this box.